About the NH2 alliance

Ninja in Pajamas [NH2] Alliance Portal

Welcome to the official forum for the Ninja in Pajamas alliance, a distinguished force on server #498. Known for our stealth and strategy, we are a group committed to excellence and mutual support. Here’s what our forum offers:

  • Strategic Discussions: Dive into detailed planning sessions ranging from stealth raids to defensive setups. Our ninjas excel in crafting meticulous strategies for domination and protection.
  • Alliance Guidelines: Our repository of knowledge is continuously updated to guide new and existing members. Learn the secrets to mastering espionage, building unassailable defenses, and efficient resource allocation.
  • Community Support: Have questions about the latest ninja tactics or need help with a difficult mission? Our seasoned members are on-hand to provide expert advice and tips.

Join NH2 to embark on covert operations, forge unbreakable bonds, and achieve unmatched victories. Together, we don the pajamas, blending invisibility with invincibility, ready to outsmart and outperform all rivals on server #498.

Our Members list: Ninjas in pajamas - Gamoria

Are you prepared to slip into the shadows? Enlist with Ninja in Pajamas today! :ninja::moon: