About the NHT alliance

Nomadic Hunters [NHT] Alliance Forum

Welcome to the Nomadic Hunters alliance forum! As one of the most renowned alliances on server 177, we pride ourselves on our strategic prowess and camaraderie. Our members utilize this forum to:

  1. Discuss Game Plans: Whether it’s conquering territories, coordinating attacks, or optimizing resource management, our hunters collaborate to devise effective strategies.
  2. Write Guidelines: We’ve compiled a comprehensive set of guidelines that empower our members to thrive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape. From survival tactics to base construction, our collective wisdom ensures our survival.
  3. Ask Questions: Curious about the best weapon loadouts? Wondering how to tame a mutant steed? Need advice on navigating radioactive zones? Look no further—our experienced hunters are here to assist.

Join us in the pursuit of survival, adventure, and victory! Together, we roam the wastelands, ever watchful, ever adaptable—true nomads in a world where survival is the ultimate game.

Our Members list: Nomadic hunters - Gamoria

Are you ready to embrace the nomadic spirit? Join the ranks of the Nomadic Hunters today! :bow_and_arrow::fire: