Marshal strategy

Please follow these steps for the best outcome:

  • Each member should start a rally with 30 second intervals. It is important to not start them all at the same time. You only have to think about this for the first 4-5 minutes to establish a good rhythm.

  • The rallies should be led by each member’s second squad. The reason is to make the main squad free to join any rally as often as possible.

  • Everyone joins the shortest available rally with their main squad. When the rhythm is right, you end up attacking about every 2-3 minutes.

  • If there are open spots, don’t worry. When there are 30 seconds remaining to a Marshal Guard rally, it will auto fill with the strongest squads available (including offline members).

The two biggest mistakes are
(A) members starts too many rallies at the same time, breaking the rhythm and reducing how many times you can attack with main squad
(B) members joining the rallies with their weak squads, which takes up spots that could have otherwise been filled with a stronger squad that can actually do some damage.