Warzone Duel

Warzone duel is an event where two servers battle each other and victory is determined by capturing the enemy’s Capitol.

It consists of the following two stages:
Mon-Friday: Servers compete each other by winning various events
Saturday: Server with higher score becomes the attacker, and the other becomes defender

Defender scenario:
Enemy players can teleport into your server, and try to invade your Capitol. You play your part in defending the capitol and destroy enemy bases.

Attacker scenario:
You can teleport to enemy server, and launch an attack on their Capitol and enemy bases when the event starts.
You can teleport by clicking on the ‘Warzone Duel’ icon on the top right, and then ‘Capitol War’ and then clicking on ‘Go’ button. (as shown in screenshot below)


  • you can claim the ‘Kill Rewards’ chests for destroying enemy units (shown in screenshot below)
  • you can claim reward for ‘Warzone Winning Streak’ if your server gains victory. (shown in screenshot below)
  • Many diamonds mines appear in the gray area around capitol after victory, which can be farmed by winner players.