Shield strategy on Saturdays

Every Saturday is an “Enemy Buster” day in the game. This is when players from various servers visit to launch attacks on bases. To protect your bases, it is highly advisable to activate Shields during this period.

For an optimized strategy, consider the following steps:

  • Purchase both a 24-hour and an 8-hour shield from the Alliance store.
  • It is most effective to activate the shield just before the server time (00:00) or before going offline or to bed on Friday night. Preferably, use the 24-hour shield for this.
  • Keep in mind that the 24-hour shield will expire the following day (Saturday), depending on when you activated it. This is a prime time for enemy attacks.
  • As the 24-hour shield nears expiration, apply the 8-hour shield to ensure continued protection against potential threats.