Instructions for Day 5 of VS - Total Mobilization

Day 5 (Friday) of the VS event

Bellow you can find what you need to know and do to earn as many points as you can.

Tasks that bring points in the duel on Day 5:

  • perform Radar tasks
  • Upgrade constructions and using speeds for constructions
  • Research tech and using speeds for researches
  • Unit training (in the barracks) and using speeds for training

How to prepare in advance for Day 5:

  • Save radar tasks from previous day
  • Collect speedups in inventory and use them on Day 5
  • Upgrade buildings beforehand, so that it finishes on Day 5, and click on gift box on Day 5
  • Train lower level units in other days and upgrade them on Day 5 (example: on Thursday train Lv 6 units and on Friday, Day 5, upgrade them to lv7)

tip: To upgrade units you need to go to Barracks, click on the lower level units and then on the Green arrow

Don’t forget to put on 24h shield at the end of the server day or before going to sleep!! - For more info: Shield strategy on Saturdays

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