Instructions for Day 1 of VS - Radar Training

Day 1 (Monday) of the VS event

Bellow you can find what you need to know and do to earn as many points as you can.

Tasks that bring points to the Duel:

  • Use stamina
  • perform Radar tasks
  • Using EXP on heroes
  • Use drone combat data points
  • Update Drone Data Chips
  • Gather resources from mines (food, Iron, coins)

How to prepare in advance for Day 1:

  • Save radar tasks from previous day
  • Save the hero XP for tomorrow.
  • The store will be updated where you can buy drone parts. (VIP,Alliance,Campaign,Honor)
  • Send your squads to gather Sunday evening (all of your squads) and calculate that they return only after the reset.

Here’s how to keep your radar tasks:

  • go to radar and do all the tasks but don’t click yet on the icons with red dots, leave them there
  • you get a number of radar tasks every 6 hours, depending on your radar level
  • in the left top corner you can see how many events can be stored in queue (example: 35) you can click on that to see how much time is left untill the next batch of tasks is ready
  • considering you get 9 or 10 or 11 tasks every 6 hours, calculate how many tasks you’ll have in the morning, make sure you have almost the maximum number of tasks when you wake up on Day 1 (example: 34/35).
  • DON’T let the queue fill up completely, otherwise the task timer stops.

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