Instructions for Day 2 of VS - Base Expansion

Day 2 (Tuesday) of the VS event

Bellow you can find what you need to know and do to earn as many points as you can.

Tasks that bring points in the duel on Today

  • Upgrading constructions and using speeds for construction
  • Dispatch UR Trade Truck
  • Perform Legendary Secret Task
  • Recruit Survivor

How to prepare in advance for Day 2:

  • Start the upgrade of building beforehand, so that it finishes on Day2. Open the gift box of construction only on the Day2.
  • Save Trade Contract and Secret Order for Day 2 (You can then use them to find UR trucks and legendry missions)
  • Save Survivor recruitment ticket and use only on Day2

Pro tips:

  • It is recommended to send the UR trucks in the second half of the day so you have a slightly better chance of not getting plundered.
  • Try to upgrade the smaller buildings that take less time so you can open as many gift boxes as possible.

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