Instructions for Day 3 of VS - Age of Science

Day 3 (Wednesday) of the VS event

Bellow you can find what you need to know and do to earn as many points as you can.

Tasks that bring points in the duel on Day 3:

  • Research
    • especially those from the Alliance duel category which use Valor Badge and give extra points.
    • If a research too long to finish, start them beforehand, such as a day before, you get points for researches that completes on Day3
    • note: you get points for using valvor bades only for researches that is started on this day
  • Using research speedups
  • Opening chests of Drone components
  • Radar Tasks

How to prepare in advance for Day 3:

  • Start long reasearches (ones that take at least 12 hours) one day before, on Tuesday, and collect them on Day 3 (collecting them means clicking on the Tech Center or the orange icon above it. Make sure you don’t click on those before the time)
  • use your best survivors on the tech center that starts the research
  • Collect research speedups and use them on Day 3
  • Collect drone components chests/boxes throughout the week in inventory and open them only on Day 3
  • Save radar tasks from Tuesday and perform them on Wednesday, Day 3

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